Hey Everyone,

This will not be a long update but just want to mention a couple of things.  One is that we really need you to be praying for our older students.  We had one that dropped out this week to live with a boyfriend after we have taught her and provided everything for her for 7 years.   It is so disappointing and the real problem is that the parents do not discipline their children or even really encourage them to do anything with their lives.  I think they have lost hope so they don’t hope for their children either, even though God has placed such a huge gift in their laps (free bilingual Christian education for their children).   Please pray for Carlos tomorrow as he speaks to the parents (when they come to sign the report cards) about discipline in the home — the command of the Lord and the benefits to the children when they are disciplined in love.  This is going to be an upward battle to keep these children in school in the years to come because of the environment and culture around them — so please pray faithfully.

Second, request for prayer and maybe you know someone interested in helping.  Carlos asked me to put out the word that we could use a small group (5 to 7) men to come in the next month to start the laying of the blocks in the junior high.  The next phase is the blocks and then we can really see progress.   Please let me know if you think you can get a group of men in your church or somewhere that would be interested in coming for a week to complete such a huge task for us.

Third — PLEASE pray about the finances.  We are really struggling right now.  We had beans and rice in the school this week because of the lack of money for more groceries.  Although the kids did not suffer or go hungry, we are really wanting to feed them better meals.  We are also needing to pay the past electric bills and they are telling us that once we pay the back payments on the electricity, we will get our permission to start receiving our electricity FREE in the future.  Please keep these things in your prayers — that we will get the permission for free electricity and also that God will put the ministry needs on the hearts of people so that we can get through this hard time financially.   I sure do count on all your prayers and we KNOW that the Father will faithfully provide for us.

Love to all of you and thanks for your faithful prayers,