Hey Friends,

Thanks for all your prayers for my mama.  She is in the hospital, as many of you know, and has suffered a stroke.  She is getting a little better each day but her heart is the real problem — only functioning at 10%.   Please be praying for both her and my daddy.

Carlos and I are coming to Augusta a week from today (22nd) for a week, not only to help my parents but to also buy some things we need for Destino.   With my parents at the hospital, we are needing a ride from the Atlanta airport on the afternoon/evening of Tuesday 22nd, and also need a very early in the morning ride back to the airport on Wednesday (30th).  If anyone can help with one of these trips, please let us know as soon as possible.   We will greatly appreciate it and also love to have some one-on-one time with friends.

I’ll send out another email very soon with an update on all that is happening at Destino.   Lots of encouraging news and God is continuing to do amazing things.  I haven’t slept very well for several nights because of a virus going through our house so please be praying for that.   Thanks for your encouragement and prayers and if anyone would like to see me in Augusta, you can call at my parents’ house 706-731-5216.  I think I will be spending most of my time at the Walton Rehab Hospital while there but you could come and see me there as well.  Just let us know.

Love to all of you,

In His grace,