Hey Everyone,

As I always start my updates:  Thank you so much for your prayers.  I do not consider lightly those prayers that are so faithful for Destino del Reino — I am very aware that that is exactly the reason the blessing are pouring out over us here and that so much fruit is being harvested for the Kingdom of God.

We just finished our 7th year of school.  We will have our second 6th grade graduation in a few weeks and are so proud of the hard work of all our students.  We had our awards assembly on Friday and it is always amazing to me how many of the students have above 90% averages –they are so smart and they love school and for the most part seem to really appreciate the fact that God has chosen them to be exalted out of their poverty and put into a path for a future that is rich in God’s blessings and provisions.   Thank you so much, Sponsors, for yet another year of your faithful giving to make this possible for the students.

We are so looking forward to next year.  It was hard to say goodby to the children (about 250), knowing they face many temptations and even hunger and hardship when they are out of our care during summer vacation.  Please continue to pray for them during this time off.   We now have 8 Americans committed to teaching for us next year — pray for each of them to see the blessings of God pouring out on them in providing for each and every need — physically, financially, spiritually, emotionally — as they prepare to come as missionaries.   We have Amanda Bruin returning and taking on more responsibility as the English supervisor and still handling the sponsorships.  We hope to give her more free time next year to complete so much work during school hours.   We have Sheena, our retired teacher, returning for her 3rd year. .She has done a great job and is willing to continue at Destino as long as her health permits so pray for LOOOONNNG life and health for her — we need her.   Also, Jenna Murphy, has decided to return again and I am so personally happy about that because she brings so much joy to all of us and she is doing a great job with the children.  Amanda Bowen finished 3 years with us and we were so proud of her longevity with us — she is only leaving because her family has asked her to come back for at least a year — she has done a great job and we will miss her soooo much.  Our new teachers for next year are:   Christine Rankin  (a young woman from upper New York who was with Missionary Nannies and was the homeschool teacher for some local missionaries).  Hayden Brantley  (a young man from Georgia who also attended New Orleans Theological Seminary and spent one summer volunteering at Destino a few years back).  Kaley Holley (a young woman recently graduated from high school but with a firm calling into missions instead of college at this time — she is from Augusta, Georgia).  Ryan O’Callaghan from Houston, Texas (he graduated from Texas A &M, spent a summer volunteering at Destino and just finished a year in India doing mission work in legal defense).  Our final new teacher will be Julie Hester (our new farmer’s wife at Destino)  – The Hesters are from the Dallas, Texas area and she is going to do some special reading work with individual students, substitute teaching and possibly assisting in at least one grade’s English class each day.   Travis and Julie have two children (7 and 9) so pray for wisdom how to transition them into the school and to continue their home schooling at the same time.

We are soooo happy for all these precious people who are willing to minister to the Destino children next year.  God is certainly blessing us with more Americans each year — what a huge relief this is to me.   I have never known in early June who was coming the following year and it is such a relief to me to have this all worked out so early in the summer.  I will be able to start working on class schedules so much earlier this year.

As many of you know, Carlos’ father passed away two weeks ago.  Keep praying for Carlos and his mom and siblings as they are missing this gentle precious man in their lives.  He was a believer and follower of Jesus Christ so we know he lives but it is lonely on earth for them without him.  I know that life is a vapor though and we will all be together in eternity very soon.   Carlos was supposed to go to the US with me last week and was unable to locate his passport.  Please pray that he finds it SOON because we need to go in August again and also there is a need for him to go to the US to help drive a big truck back with some donated farm equipment from my cousin, Elvin.

Be praying about the arrangements for that equipment to get to Honduras.  Travis is going to go to Colorado next month to meet personally with my cousin about what equipment we need to do the farms at Destino.  Pray for wisdom as they plan together and also that we will be able to work out the details of hauling this equipment to Honduras.   My cousin also said that we could have a Butler building that would be perfect for our gym but we would have to make another trip for that as well.  We have willing people to help with this and need to work out the  details and then raise the money for the fuel and costs to bring it all so far down to Honduras.  I know God will work out each detail though if this is His will.

Keep praying about the junior high building.  We have had some generous donations and have worked up to the point that we can financially.  We are now finished with all the underground work and fittings, etc. and have brought in loads of filler dirt and the foundation is filled up and packed down so we just need the next donation to provide for the whole slab, and then we will be able to start laying block — that will be so encouraging as we will be able to really see the building going up before our eyes.  We have a team of block layers in the US that are willing to come on a short trip to lay all the block in a few days’ time, once we have the slab prepared.   There is a group of business owners who have said they will raise the rest of the money for the junior high building but we have not heard back as of yet.  Thanks for continuing to pray for this huge need for Destino.   After this building is finished there won’t be another building needed for some time.  We will continue to wait on God’s perfect timing.

I had a sweet time in the US with my parents.  My mom had a stroke on Mothers’ Day and was in the hospital one week and then in rehabilitation for one week and now is at home.  She only has 10% of her heart functioning now and is very weak.  Please pray for her healing as well as for strength and peace for my daddy who is taking great care of her.   It is hard to be away but I am thankful for how well they are doing up to this point.

We need prayer for the sports camp that is coming up in late July.   We need to find the teenagers that can attend this evangelistic/discipleship opportunity.   A group from Tomball, Texas is coming and are planning some great sports activities, devotions, etc. and we need to be able to find the kids.  Our older students are coming and were told to invite friends but many of their friends in their villages are still in school in July (Honduran school schedule is Feb. to November).   Pray for God to work out all the details.  Thanks.

We are so excited about the new farming projects at Destino.  Travis is working with some of our local people and we have a huge vegetable garden growing.   We are so thankful that God has finally provided some leadership to see some of our dreams for the land coming to reality here.  Pray for Travis — for wisdom and ability to oversee such a potentially huge project.

Also please continue to pray for Carlos and I especially in our leadership — (1) to be faithful to spend time in the Word and prayer in spite of the busyness of our responsibilities here; (2) to have great wisdom in all the decisions about finances, projects, hiring, etc.; and (3) health.   Carlos has has various health problems over the past year and we need to pray for God’s protection over him faithfully.

I want to remind all of you to please be praying too for the 35 new sponsors we need for the upcoming school year.  As you know, a sponsorship is $60 a month, year -round, and the promise to pray regularly for the student by name.   We still have not had the sponsors we needed for last year so there are over 50 right now needing sponsorship.   God can do this — He is able, but please mention this opportunity  to friends and family who want to invest in kingdom work and children’s lives.   Thanks for getting the word out for us.

Praise God, it is looking very likely that we will be able to start receiving our electricity without charge — the mayor and some other officials are working on this for us so please keep praying.  That would be a HUGE burden off of us each month — God can do it!!!!

Pray for the finances at Destino during this next month especially.  We have to order all books for 9 grade levels (about 280 students), shoes, uniforms, materials, etc. as well as paying off the final months of teachers’ salaries which is a governmental regulation in Honduras.  It is really overwhelming to think of all the thousands of dollars we need but again, this is God’s work and not ours, so He will provide.  thanks for your prayers and faithful giving.    I was overwhelmed last week when I spoke at a church in North Augusta, when a 9-year old boy walked up to me with a purple envelope — inside was a precious note to my children and ALL of his own birthday money he had received that week.  He also included a Target gift card — he literally gave everything he had — it made me cry.   I can only  imagine how it touched the Father’s heart and how he will greatly bless this little boy for his selflessness.   It is amazing how God provides for each need here and through whom he provides each month.  God bless all of you for all your sacrificial giving to provide an opportunity for these very poor children to dream big dreams for God and for their families.

Love to all of you,

In His grace,