Several of our boys in the children’s home are not only crazy about soccer but are very talented.  We were reluctant to put them on city teams without knowing the coaches and team members who would be influencing their lives so we have started our own city league.   Erick, my 22 year old son, and his friend, Eduardo, are the coaches and trainers and our team is called “Los Leones”  (“The Lions”).   Our team is made up of mostly kids ages 12 to 14 from the Destino del Reino school, but was open to whatever boys in the villages wanted to participate.   We emphasize to the boys that their priorities are God first, then their grades in school and third, soccer.   They have devotions together and attend church at Destino del Reino and are praying to be a  “light” in Siguatepeque as they play soccer with the character of Christ.   They are undefeated thus far this season and from the very first, the officials have been commenting on what exceptional and unusual kids these Lions are.   They noticed right away that they were courteous and maintained their calm and did not use foul language.   We at the children’s home love to have these Saturday games to look forward to each weekend.