Hey Everyone,

We are not sending a container this year because we do not have sufficient needs at this time for a 40foot container.   In the future, when we are ready to open the university we will be sending out a list of all materials and furniture, etc. that we need and hope to send a container at that time.   In the meantime, we will be sending out a big shipment separate from a container by the first week of July.   We hope to be able to send lots of school supplies, good used clothing, shoes, tools, etc. and receive them by end of July.   If you would like to send school supplies through Amazon, you can ship them to Destino del Reino, 1494 Wrightsboro Road, Augusta, GA 30901.   This is the address of Turner Transportation and John Turner will be storing everything until the shipment can be sent in early July.   Also if you are interested in sending boxes or delivering boxes of other items, i.e. used clothing, we would appreciate anything you can do for us.  Thank you so much for your faithfulness and generosity to the students at Destino del Reino.

Also, I wanted to apologize to those sponsors who have written to their students in the past 3 months because my post office box has been cut off and I did not receive the mail for the past three months.  If you want to write your students, please send them to Destino del Reino, c/o Sheena Rader, Apt. Postal #110, Siguatepeque, Honduras, CA.    Thanks so much and so sorry that I missed some of the mail that may have come through the old box.    Our students are really encouraged when they hear from their sponsors and know they are thinking of them and praying regularly for them.   Thank you so much for writing to them.

Also, we will be needing about 25 new sponsors in August so if you know of anyone who would be willing to begin sponsorship of a Destino del Reino student, please send them to our website and sign up to sponsor.

Again, thank you so very much for all of your support in every way.    We are blessed to have you all on our team to build up Christian leadership in Honduras.   Even if all you do is pray for us, that is no small thing — that is the most important thing we need.  Thank you.

A little update — the university papers will be submitted in about 2 weeks (we need $7,000) to submit them.   After that we need to pray for a speedy approval so we can begin operation.    The tech school has been postponed to August but looks like there are no more bumps in the road to opening it at that time.

Honduras is in need of much prayer.   The president is attempting to privitize the public schools so that everyone will need to pay for their children to attend school.   In a country so poor, that really means that the majority of children would no longer go to school.   There are protests all over the country right now by the teachers, and support staff, but in the past protests have not moved the president.   Only GOD can fix this and He is able.  Thanks for the prayers.

Love in His great mercy and grace,