Hey Y’all,

Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers and support in so many ways. God is continuing to encourage me in so many ways.

The house is coming along and we have started up on some work on it once again. We have the porch finished now and the church is almost completely enclosed and we only need to finish the walls out and buy windows and doors, etc. We will just do that as the funds come in. Right now we are using any funds that come to the ministry to try to get the house finished so we can open in January. The kitchen counters are almost finished but they ran out of the color of ceramic tile that we had been using so I’m not sure what we will do to make it all match now — this house may look more “Honduran” than I had expected, ha ha. The men will start on the septic system in the next few weeks and then after that we will wait for more money to come so we can get the bathroom doors and kitchen cabinets and finishing work done — but it will all come in according to God’s perfect time table!!

The well is still on hold. The part from the US is supposed to arrive this week (familar story??) and after it is here, it will only take 3 days to complete our well — so I don’t even think much about it anymore because I am sure that it will happen in the next few weeks and at least it is already paid for now.

I just got back today from a very encouraging week in Pena Blanca (near the lake about 45 miles north of Destino del Reino). A group came from North Carolina to do evangelism and VBS and they needed a cook, so I volunteered. It was so beautiful in that area and I made some great friends who are committed to praying for Destino del Reino — and I always love meeting more prayer supporters!! I was a little nervous cooking for a lot of people again but I just prayed that the food would either taste good, or the Lord would change their taste buds and they would THINK it tasted good, ha!! They all loved every meal and I praise God for that. One afternoon they were short a translator so I got to go in the village and do evangelism (my FAVORITE THING TO DO). We visited several houses and many were already believers but we encouraged Christians as we visited. One great thing though was that a little boy was in the crowd of little children that followed us up and down the streets as we visited. He squinted his eyes and also covered them with his arms constantly because the light hurt his eyes so much. His grandmother told us later that he had had that problem since birth. We prayed for him on the side of the ditch there in the village and God healed him right there on the spot. I kept asking if the pain was gone completely or just a little bit and he kept telling me that he was well and all the pain had left. He walked around after that without blocking the sun from his eyes again. It was so great. He is a very poor little boy named Miguel (age 10) and lives in a tiny shack with his grandmother and a brother. I love to see God heal people — He is so good and powerful and MERCIFUL!!

Another really great thing was that I met some young Honduran pastors that went along to translate and help with the group. One of the pastors, Carlos Lopez, is so precious and he is so good with people. He is the interim pastor at the Baptist church in Pena Blanca and is there every Saturday and Sunday. But he is very willing to preach at Destino del Reino on Friday nights when we get our services started at our church in January or February. I heard him preach at one of the high schools that the group went to and he is so good at relating to every age. I told him that I wanted our church to have the music and celebration of the pentecostals and the doctrine of the Baptists and he laughed and agreed with me. It will be so great to see what God wants to do with our little church at Destino. We have had some more children coming to Sunday School that we had not met before so there are gradually more people coming in from farther away from Destino. Yeah!!

Good News!!! — The contents of the bus (that never entered Honduras) have been sent from Houston in a container and arrived this past Monday. We are waiting for them to be cleared through Customs and then they will be delivered here to Siguatepeque soon. I am so excited to see all the things that such precious friends sent from Houston for the home. We will be so happy to get the generator set up too and a group from Houston are planning to come and take care of that for us. Please pray for this to all work out smoothly. Friends in Houston are attempting to sell the bus and so PLEASE PRAY for the bus to sell fora decent price so we can apply that money towards another vehicle!! Thanks.

My friends in Alabama that gave us the van have offered to meet me in Atlanta with the van so I can drive it on to Augusta and use it while I am in the States and then pray that we can sell it and I can apply that money towards a vehicle here in Honduras when I return. There are so many details to work out, but I know that God is doing things so wonderfully — as He ALWAYS does!!

I will wait to arrange my flight reservations until I know about the group coming to help with the generator — but I will let you all know soon as to the dates that I will b e in the States and when I can see some of you. I appreciate all your many many prayers for me and am so blessed to have so many of you loving and encouraging me. It is overwhelming sometimes to see all that God has done and is doing through all of your prayers!! I can never thank you enough.

Love because of HIS GRACE,