Hey Everyone,

Thanks so much for all your continual faithful prayers for me and for the ministry of Destino del Reino.

We are continuing to have a good crowd for Sunday School each week and the children are learning their memory verses rapidly. My neighbor, Alba Gloria, told me that all the children sit out in front of their little house each week and practice their verses together. There are some REAL advantages to having no electricity — they have no other diversions and are so happy to be learning their verses together. Janet and Mike are bringing some prizes for us to give to those who have learned all 10 verses in a few weeks. This week we are having a Sunday School picnic and will have sandwiches and lots of relays and, of course, a soccer (futbol) game!!

Our discipleship groups are still going great. We have 3 in the nearby village and are over halfway through the 12-week course. We are praying about which village to go to next. We will do evangelism there first and then start discipleship classes with the new believers again. There are so many villages to reach here and it is so exciting to see their hunger to know God!! My discipleship class meets in my house at Destino del Reino and we always have such a great time. Several of the young men that have not received Jesus Christ as their savior yet, came yesterday and they really enjoy looking up the passages in the Bible and participating. The class loves being together and yesterday they wanted to sing. They don’t know any songs yet so I got out the flash cards for the Sunday School songs and we all sang some children’s songs together. (Of course, they didn’t know they were children’s songs). Everyone LOVES the song “Jesus Loves Me” — they sing so strong and earnestly. It is so precious. One little boy, Victor, in our Sunday School, every week sings Jesus Loves Me with his whole heart. He is always a couple of beats ahead of everyone else but never even stops to notice and just sings the whole song faster than the rest of us. It is so comical but he is so sincere and sings with his whole heart. I will have to video it sometime — it is so precious.

I’m sorry to say there is no news yet on the well. The part is due from the US in another week and it is supposedly easy to fix and so we will continue progress then. I feel so badly that all of you have to wait for this with me — I know it is hard to keep praying and praying and waiting and waiting — but thanks for joining me in this and not giving up!! The good news though is that we are pretty sure the well will not cost any more than what we have already paid so that the money that is now coming in can be used towards finishing up the house and getting ready to move in. We have someone starting on the kitchen sink and counters this week and also another man is starting to put up the rod iron barriors around the ledge on the house so the children won’t jump off the ends — he will also be covering the porch at the same time. We already had most of these materials so this won’t cost much at this point.

God has provided the ceramic through so many of your donations and now I have had a couple of volunteers say they will come over and help with the tile in the next few months. We can actually do some of that after we are already living in the house. All that needs to be done before we move in is to finish the septic system and get the water pump and water storage tank and tower (that will cost about $2,000 so we may be waiting on that for a while) and a few more doors. We can finish the molding, other doors and ceramic, etc. after we have moved in. Please keep praying that the workers will be diligent and we can keep these men for a long time. The past few men that we have hired had drinking problems and we had to let them go – -that is a common problem here so please pray that we can find the right men for these jobs. Also pray that God will continue to provide the money we need to complete all of these projects as we need to.

There is a chance that there are some loopholes in the law about vehicles entering the country and it maybe possible for us to still have the van shipped to us here — please pray for LOTS of wisdom for me because I either need to sell the van and try to get another vehicle sent over or we need to raise enough money to buy a used vehicle over here. This is a crucial prayer request because we have to have some transportation before opening the home.

Our things are supposed to be shipped on Thursday in a container from Houston so PLEASE pray that everything will arrive safely — especially for the generator to be undamaged when it arrives. Thanks. They should be here in Honduras about the 17th and we can pick them up at the Episcopalean Diocese in San Pedro Sula. I am so thankful for the help these people have been to us already. So Please pray!!

Please pray for the family of Edgar (one of our boys in Sunday School) — when we went door to door to share about Jesus with the village nearby and our neighbors, we missed his house and Edgar is now a believer (age 9) and we will be going to share about Jesus with his parents and other family members this week. Please pray that they will receive Christ so that Edgar can grow up in a Christian home.

I sure give y’all a lot to pray for and I appreciate all your faithfulness in praying for me. There is so much going on here and it is SO exciting that I cannot really express it in writing. I wish you could see the hunger in these faces just to know about the Lord Jesus — we have had so much opportunity in the States and this is so new to these people. I hope all of you will come over some day soon and be a part of their lives in some way. There are so many needs and everyone can be used somehow so please plan to come and visit us. I will be in the States for a couple of months (November and December) and already have several opportunties to share while I am there with churches and groups. Please let me know if you would like me to share with your church or Sunday School class because I need to start scheduling things in order to fit everything in. Please pray for me as I DO NOT like speaking in front of people but thankfully, the Holy Spirit always shows up and speaks through me and so I want to be faithful in whatever He calls me to do.

I continue to pray for you as you write specific requests to me and I thank you for letting me be a part of your lives in that way. Thanks again for ALL you do as my partners in this ministry.

Love because of HIS GRACE,