Hey Everyone.

I just made my reservations for returning to the US today. I will be arriving in Houston at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday (Oct. 29th) and will be in the area there until about the 7th of November when I will fly back to Georgia. Please write to me at the hotmail address after Monday, Oct. 28th and I will be sure to answer you in a timely way. My address for hotmail is: destinodelreino@hotmail.com Everything here in Honduras will continue as far as construction and preparations for completing the house, well and septic system. Please continue to to pray for the necessary funds to keep coming in while I am in the States. I am praying also for opportunities to work while I am home and maybe make some additional money for the vehicle we need when I return in January. In January, a group of friends from Houston are coming with me to get the generator set up, help lay down the tile, and finish up painting and doing various other things that will need to be done to prepare the house for the kids as soon as possible.

Please pray for me as i am in the States to be aware of what God’s schedule is for me for the many places I need to be and people I need to visit. If you have talked to me about sharing with a group or church, please set a date as soon as possible for me so that I can get everything on the calendar and not miss any opportunities to share what God is doing here in Honduras. I will most likely be returning to Texas the second week of January and flying on to Honduras about the 17th or 18th of January.

I don’t want to miss time with any of you precious friends so please contact me so that we can make arrangements to get together.

Please be praying for Bety and Moncho as they carry on the construction projects and various business for the home while I am away. Also continue praying for the Sunday School as they continue while I am away, and the four discipleship classes that will be finishing up in the next 4 or 5 weeks. We want to go to the next village and begin evangelism and VBS in January when I return so be praying that God will already be preapring hearts in the village of La Tigra. Thanks so much.

Please pray about the selling of the bus in Houston as well as an opportunity to sell the van or trade it in for a newer model while I am in the States. This all sounds so overwhelming but I know the Lord will work it all out at His time. There is a pick-up here in Honduras that sells for $5,000 and it has a camper and only some misisonaries have owned it. I tthink it is a very good deal and we can have some benches made for the sides and seat quite a few children in the back as well as still have some open space for hauling materials, etc. Please pray for us to be able to buy it, if that is the Lord’s will for us, when I return in January. Thanks.

Also, please be praying for the parents of the children who will live with us at Destino del Reino. That we can work out the legal papers with ease when I return and that we will be very clear as to which children are to enter our home. There are so many details to pray about and I appreciate your faithful prayer support. I know the Father will work things perfectly according to His will and in His perfect timing.

Please don’t let me lose contact with any of you while I am in the States because I want to know how to be praying for each of you too.

I thank you all so much for the prayer and encouragement you have given for this ministry and I look forward to many blessings for the children of Destino del Reino and the neighboring villages in the next year because of those faithful prayers. You mean so much to me — everyone of you!!!

Love in His Grace,