Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all your prayers for me over the past few months. I have seen many of you but have not had any correspondence with a lot of you and I apologize for not sending a report out from the US. I have been so busy traveling and speaking at so many places about the ministry of Destino del Reino. I am not comfortable in front of people but I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit always takes over once I get myself up to the microphone!!

I am finally back in Honduras and always when I return, I realize once again that this truly is my HOME now!! I have been with my friends from Houston this week. They were able to get SOOO much accomplished with the house. They got the generator moved and a slab poured and also laid a big majority of the tile in the house. My parents and Jim came again and they are continuing the process so we should have the house completely tiled when they leave on Tuesday. What a difference that has made in the look of the house! My friend, Debbie, also did a mural in the back bedroom for the children and it is beautiful and will bring so much joy to them as they look at it from their beds. Another new friend, Norma (an artist from North Carolina) is praying about coming to paint the mural in the living room about Moses, as each house will represent one of the leaders in the Bible that was also separated from his/her parents for a period of their life in order to be prepared for leadership in the kingdom. The first house will be the Casa de Moises (House of Moses).

I think we lack very little for actually moving in. The well machines were working fine for a few days and they made some progress but they are having a technician out this week to see why it is moving so slow and hopefully we will be back on our way. I know so many of you are TIRED OF PRAYING FOR THAT but just keep on praying with me and I know we will see some results pretty soon!!

The house looks really great. They have finished putting the railing around the house and down all the steps and some gates so that the children will not be able to get off the porch without supervision. The septic system is just about done and they are doing a good job on it also. This septic will be big enough for 3 houses so we will not have to go through this again for a while. We are almost finished with the underneath part of the house and it is already being used for Sunday School. We will finish it up in a few weeks and start church services there. Pam does not plan to come to build the third house until January and we have plenty to finish up before that time — the second house and below it will probably be another apartment and a school room. Keep praying for the funds to come in so we can just carry one continually with finishing up all of this work.

God has been so faithful (AS ALWAYS) and I am amazed at His provision for this ministry in every way — people, money, opportunities, etc. I just found out recently that the newly-appointed US Ambassador to Honduras if from my home town and is a Christian so please pray that I can contact him and we will see if God is planning to use that relationship in some way to further this work. I need to email him and then will attempt to go visit him very soon.

We have a lot of groups coming in the next 6 months and I sure need prayer for that. It takes a lot of effort to plan and prepare for the groups and a lot of physical energy while they are here as well as continuing with the work at Destino.

Holly Compton has come here to live for about 6 months at Destino and she has just finished graduating from Sam Houston State University with a degree in agriculture. She will be so helpful in getting our gardens started and God has again supplied just what we need in His time.

I am so thankful for all of you that are out there praying so faithfully for this ministry. I am SOOOO ready to get the children in and it is getting closer every day. Once we get a fire stove built outside and the plumbing is in, I will go to Jocon for a few weeks and start rounding up the children FINALLY!! Please continue to pray for the Lord’s selection of these children — only those He is preparing for leadership and that will make changes one day in Honduras, Central America and the whole WORLD!!

I sure am looking forward to hearing from some of you but in the meantime, please just be praying. You are the backbone of this whole ministry. God hears your prayers and is answering them in very concrete ways and I thank you for your faithfulness to us all in that way.

God is doing so much in me and please continue to pray that I will hear clearly from Him, will obey in EVERYTHING He shows me and will lean ONLY ON HIM for my strength and wisdom and have no pride for this is HIS WORK ONLY!!

I love you all and am so amazed for all the wonderful people God has surrounded me with —

In His Grace,