Hey y’all,

Thanks for praying, as I know y’all are doing so faithfully.

The house is getting so beautiful. The group from Houston and my parents and Jim all together finished up the ceramic tile in the house and it is so gorgeous. The house is so big and we are all so surprised that it could be done in just about 7 work days. I will send some pictures next week and let you see the change in the house. The railing is all along the outside of the house and around the porch now and down the stairs so it is really looking finished.

Holly, the friend that came to help with the gardens for 6 months and Saulo (a 16-year old Honduran friend) have been helping me all this week, painting and touching up paint and cleaning floors, and whatever we needed to do. Today we went through and organized all the bus-load of things the Houston friends sent to us while I was in the States. I was overwhelmed at how much love went into those gifts. There is SOOOO much that I cannot even describe it to you. It took us all day long just to go through all the things and then organize them into separate crates — i. e. – children’s clothes and shoes; kitchen things; food; linens; children’s furniture, etc. etc. We have so much and we will be able to take clothes to the village children as we evangelize those villages in the future. There was so much for Sunday School too and I was so surprised to see all the flannelgraph materials that were sent to us. The children are going to be so surpised when they see how we’ve upgraded our Sunday School!!

It has been so amazing to me how all the furniture that was sent is so beautiful together. It matches our colors in the house as well as each other piece — only my heavenly Father would be so kind to satisfy my obsession for matching things!! It is also amazing how we have just enough furniture — not too much and not too little — it is absolutely perfect all the way around!!! It is very clear Who orchestrated this whole thing. It is perfect.

Please pray for Saulo. He has come to help Jim and my dad with the projects every time they have come to Honduras. He is really a precious young man and accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior this past week. Pray that we will be able to help him grow in his spiritual life. He plans to work with me from now on and to learn to do the gardening with Holly so that when she leaves, he will be able to continue on the work. I am so glad to have him around and he is so smart. Jim is training him to be an electrician and he knows how to do a lot of different things so he may be our handyman as well as our gardener one day.

Edgar lives on the highway where our road begins to Destino. He is 9 years old and is really growing in Christ since he accepted Him in August. We are helping him to get into school this year and we just found out that his grandparents (with whom he lives) are planning to move to Comayagua so please pray for me as I consider having Edgar live at Destino with me. I think it is very important that he continue to be in a Christian environment and he really wants to live with me.

I have had so many changes over the past week. I got the Ford pick-up with the camper that many of you knew I was praying about. It feels entirely different to be in Honduras and have wheels and be able to go where I need to WHEN I need to. It has been so wonderful. I do remember to pray each time I start out though and am very aware of the extreme dangers of driving with the Hondurans. I actually passed a few cars already – that was very daring of me, as many of you know well.

I have a cell phone now and my number is 984-7055 if any of you want to call me. I have to get a monthly plan of some kind this next week and then I’ll learn more about using it. But it sure will be nice to have communication from the land to town. I haven’t tried the gadget I got that is supposed to let me get internet and my email through the cellular but I am praying that will work.

I have found a man in Houston who is going to be setting up our web site within the next few weeks so that is a great answer to prayer and I will let y’all know once we are on the web. Please pray for him as he sets up the site for us. His name is Bob Winslow and he does this for many churches and ministries and he is very reasonable.

The well — this has been a LOOOONNG story, huh?! The newest thing is that we have gone 350 feet and there still is no water. The guy there yesterday said they would go to 400 feet and no further, but Moncho called the engineer in charge of the project and he said they will continue until we get to water. He also called again today to confirm with Moncho that they will not stop drilling until the water is found. So keep praying. We also don’t want it to be too much deeper because we will have to buy more pipes and they are kind of expensive.

Thanks for all your prayers for me and the ministry. God has done so much and things are going very well. I especially ask that you pray for me as I find out which children will actually move here with me. I spoke with Rosy a few minutes ago and she said she has not spoken to many of the mothers who have wanted to send their children, so we don’t know exactly who the first group of children will be — but the Father knows and He is the one that thought of this in the first place so I’m sure He has built these houses for those of His choice and we will find them.

Please be praying also as we prepare to have our first group in less than a month now. They will be coming from Bryan College and we need to have the projects organized for them — VBS, evangelism and distributing clothes in a village, etc. They will also be able to paint the outside of our house and the church below. Pray for wisdom for us and safety for their group.

Please continue to write to me with your personal prayer requests also. I love being part of your lives in that way. I am sooooo grateful for everyone of you out there that are praying faithfully for me and this ministry. Please don’t stop — it is getting critical now as we try to finalize the first house and collect the children.

Well, I better go get some rest before we start another long work day tomorrow — this is fun kind of work though and so exciting. Thanks again for all your prayers and your love and faithfulness to me and to Destino del Reino. I am soooo blessed to have y’all behind me.

Love in His Grace,