Hey everyone,

We’ve had a really hard week this week. They hit some rock as they were drilling the well and although they had the hammer-like equipment to break the rock, their cables broke on the machine. The engineer decided they would take the machines and go on to the next well to drill and leave ours as it is. They had gotten only to 370 feet and they know there is water down there but are not willing to go farther with this equipment because they say their cables will not hold to break that rock in there. They said if we could get some stronger cables maybe through the military base, they will consider coming back and finishing up our well in a few months when they finish two others that need to be done. There was a conflict also between the main boss (under the engineer but over the other workers) and Moncho. The guy was really a trouble maker and he accused Moncho of stealing gasoline and charging it to Destino. It became a big mess and the engineer believed the other guy in spite of all we said to him — he was supporting his employee — so today they drove off the machines after months of being here on our land and our waiting and waiting. It was hard to accept at first, but we still all believe there is abundant water down there and we are continuing to pray for God’s direction for completing the well. I don’t understand His ways but He is God and I am NOT. In the meantime, I am fine with bringing water in each week and we will buy purified water for cooking and drinking. We talked to a man in a house about 2 miles away and he is willing for us to bring water to our house from there and it will be very cheap to get that hose to bring it that length. We will probably buy a water storage tank and be able to pump water into it and bring it into the house in the future as we are waiting for the well to get finished. We will be able to flush our toilets and use the sinks but will just have to bail the water in from outside the house. I have lived that way for 3 years or more and it won’t be a big deal. We are so blessed to have the septic system working though and won’t have to keep using the outhouse when we move in. This may be how God intends us to live for a while and I am totally fine with that. Everything is so beautiful and we are so blessed in every way.

My church in Siguatepeque had two prayer meetings for the well. On Wednesday about 25 people got in the back of pick-ups at 4:00 in the MORNING to go out to Destino to pray. We had the sweetest time praying for the well under a black clear sky with the stars twinkling so brilliantly. Who could not trust a God who could create all of that!! It was sooo great and the people amaze me with their love and sacrifice for me and this ministry. We prayed the next morning at 5:00 in the morning but at the church this time. It was a precious time. About 30-40 of the members meet every single morning at 5:00 to pray before they head out into their busy days — it is incredible the power of prayer in their lives too.

Other than the well, everything is going so well. We had a lilttle crunch with the money but I know God is continuing to bring in what we need in His perfect timing. We are finishing up the kitchen cabinets and building the fire stove outside so I will be able to organize our cooking things and be able to start cooking outside when I get back from the mountains this week. I will be going to Jocon tomorrow morning very early and will be there for 3 days only. While I am there, PLEASE PRAY for me as I talk to some of the mothers about sending their children to Destino the following month. I need wisdom and clear direction from the Holy Spirit at this time.

I am bringing Marta (my helper at Destino) back with me to live permanently on Thursday. She was never able to attend colegio (junior high) because it cost too much for her family. There is a colegio that just opened up in El Socorro (about 3 miles from Destino) and I am going to enroll her and get her started on her schooling. She is 20 years old and will be starting the 7th grade. Also Leslie and Gloria (teenagers next door to Destino) have just started this week and we will be able to carpool the girls to school each afternoon. I will take the 5:00 shift to bring them home (they start classes at 1:00 in the afternoons). So pray for Marta as she relocates too. She is very excited to be a part of this ministry and will be a tremendous help.

While I am gone, Holly and Saulo and one other Honduran worker will start preparing the land for planting the gardens. It is a big job so pray for strength for them too.

We will fumigate the land as well as the house while I am gone too so it will be ready to move in to. I found 2 giant scorpions in the house this week and I was really getting nervous about the danger of us living in the house. I talked to my neighbor, Alba Gloria, and she said they have a lot of them too but they don’t even make you sick, they just sting for a minute. So as ugly as they look and as big as they are, they are evidently pretty harmless. Still, I will be glad to spray the house and not have to even see them!! Gloria told me about putting peppermint oil on cotton balls in the corners of the rooms to chase out the mice too and we haven’t seen our little mouse in the house since I did that — so evidently, it really works — they hate the smell!!

We will be starting church services this Saturday night at 6:00 p.m. Pastor Cesar said he will be able to preach and conduct the services for us every Saturday night and I am so excited to get started on that for our neighbors. Some of them have not attended the Bible classes we had for discipleship because they were embarrassed that they cannot read, so they will really enjoy church and just listening to the Word of God. My neighbors (grandparents in the green house) are planning to come too. They are Catholic and have not been to the Bible studies but I talked to the grandfather and he said that he is Catholic but it didn’t matter and I told him that was exactly right, we are not a denomination, we are just coming together to learn about God’s word and to desire a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. So it should be a great time with ALL the neighbors coming together. Pray for those who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ especially. I am so excited about this and know that God will greatly bless our time together. Thanks for your prayers for all of this.

I am going to attach some pictures of the house so you can see just how beautiful it is and how much we have been blessed because of your prayers and giving!! I just can’t wait to have pictures with the kids in the house and on the porch — it will be complete then!!! Yeah.

I love all of you and can’t thank you enough for your prayers. I dreaded telling y’all about the well situation as I know you have prayed so faithfully but God is still good and has a plan and I am completely satisfied with the water coming in through other means in the meantime as we continue to pray and wait on His perfect timing.

Love in His Grace,