Hey Everyone,

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for us at Destino del Reino.

We had our first meeting of students and parents on Monday and everyone is so excited for this school year. The parents were so impressed with our facilities for the children and the supervisor of Education for Siguatepeque and surrounding areas was here and also very impressed with this ministry. He wants to be available to help us in any way that he can and is fascinated about God’s faithfulness to this ministry. He said there will be new textbooks coming in April and he wants to give some to us. That will be a great savings for us.

We still lack a few sponsors but I know that God will provide all we need. If you did not get a letter to sponsors and you had told me that you wanted to sponsor a child, then please let me know immediately because I do not have you on my list. Thanks. The sponsorship will cover the teachers’ salaries, the school materials, snacks for the children every day (their parents are too poor to send snacks) and also with remaining costs of uniforms, etc.

Thank you all for praying for us. We still lack getting the glass in the windows and the doors on but the carpenter assures us that it will be done this weekend before school starts on Monday — we’ll see??!! We are expecting a container on Monday or Tuesday and it will hopefully have all the school supplies that we need as well. Please pray for all of this to go smoothly. I find myself a little nervous and have to remind myself to pray constantly and TRUST GOD!!

The kids are doing great. We all have bad colds but still are happy!! Blanca and Eidy have been playing like Cokie is a baby now, since they see us caring for Baby Sammy all the time. They love to hold Sammy and he seems to enjoy all the kids already. It is good that he is getting used to a lot of noise because this house is certainly full of kids now. The boys are now all dinosaurs. They used to be lions after watching Lion King, etc. but now they have seen Dinosaur and they have changed roles. They are so much fun and just love to play and enjoy each other so much. I am so thankful for the way they get along so well.

Martha and Erick and Eduard started classes several weeks ago and are busy with homework now. This is Martha’s last year before she will go to nursing school somewhere. Please be praying for direction for her.

Angelica is beginning as the teacher’s assistant for the kindergarten on Monday so we will be able to pay her salary out of the school fund and I will be able to hire someone to help me from the Destino funds. Please pray for us to find the right person. We need to just get a person for the morning as I cannot afford to pay someone all day anymore and it really is not necessary when Martha and I are both here in the afternoons.

I will be going to the States from March 17-24 and would appreciate your prayers during that time. As you know, I have to return again because of not having my residency papers finalized yet, so this is frustrating to me. I hate leaving the kids (even for just a week) and need to find someone older to stay here with them during that week. I know God will provide but please be in prayer about that for me.

Please pray for us to get a phone line in somehow in the next few months. A company came through and put wires underground for telephones for everyone (supposedly) but we never heard anything else about it. I have so much to do and it is hard to run to town to check emails so often. This is becoming more and more of a problem as our household and ministry grows continually.

Pray for the group coming next Saturday, 12th. Their plans are to put the ceramic in the school (pavillion) and to finish up the public bathrooms, as well as ministering with the people. We plan to visit the homes of each of the students in the school. Most of them are so desperately poor and we want to share Christ with them and also to distribute clothes and medicines that they need. We will also look for projects that we can do to better their living conditions (some don’t even have roofs for shelter). Thanks for praying for us.

There are so many projects going on and groups coming and great things happening, but we need continued prayer for trusting God for the wisdom and also the money needed for all that is happening. I get a little overwhelmed at times and have to remind myself that this is not MY responsibility but GOD’s and he is more than capable of taking care of every need and concern. Thanks for all your encouragement to me.

Love in His grace,