Hey Everyone,

Thanks for your prayers. Some months are better than others, as you all know. We have had so many struggles the past few weeks and we just need a lot of prayer.

The school is off and running but we have still not finished the pavillion for their classes because the carpenter is just not working hard on the windows. He keeps saying “maybe next week” — I don’t believe him anymore but God can move him!! The group is here this week and are getting the ceramic laid in the pavillion and it will be absolutely beautiful. Several of the men are working on the ceramic there and other men are working on finishing up the bunkbeds in the second house that were never completely finished in August. The ladies are teaching a VBS for the school children during the mornings and then going to visit the students’ parents and families in their little homes. They are really having a great time.

I had planned to go along with them and get to know the families as well but Marta had to leave for Jocon on Sunday morning so I am alone with the kids for several days. Marta’s father has been threatening to kill her mother for several months now and that is a serious thing in Jocon, so she and a sister from another city need to go see a judge in the nearby town and try to get some kind of protective order. They have not received any assistance from the one policeman in Jocon, since he is afraid of the people and will not protect anyone for fear of his own life. Please pray for that family. Marta said that her mother is finally ready and eager to receive Jesus Christ into her life so maybe this trauma has moved her in that direction at least.

As I had been praying for the school children to be reached for Christ as well as their families, I was so pleased to see almost every student get off our bus for Sunday School on Sunday morning. They have already joined us!! Yeah!! Also three or four of their parents have been to the church services for the first time this last week. Please be praying for us to know how to minister to them all effectively.

The students are LOVING school. They are so quiet and obedient and are doing so well. This is not just a ministry to teach them schooling. They don’t even know how to use a toilet or brush their teeth, etc. We have had some “unusual” experiences with the toilets already and I won’t go into that. We also de-wormed and de-parasited them this last week and evidently a LOT of worms died over the weekend — yeah. One poor little boy was so sick and his mother said that more than 80 worms had come out of him over the weekend. He probably has never known what it feels like to really feel good and healthy — I am so glad for these other practical ways to help these children and their families. Thanks for praying for them all.

I started teaching English and the children are so eager to learn. i am still, of course, praying that some other American will come to live and teach them but in the meantime, I think I will enjoy doing this and getting to know the children better.

We have sure had a struggle with the bank accounts lately and I won’t explain all of that but just pray for peace of mind for me, for us to get all the accounts straightened up and that I will know how to get the help I need to keep us from the frustrations in the future. Keep praying for us financially too as there are so many projects to accomplish and it is tough sometimes to know what to do first and how to wait in the middle of the projects for more funds to come in. God is sovereign though and is teaching us how to rest in HIM alone.

I had a particularly hard week with Marta gone. Sammy got his days and nights mixed up and I have not slept for the past two nights more than maybe 30 minutes. As soon as the sun comes up and the kids start waking up, he goes to soundly to sleep. In the midst of that, I got something the Hondurans call a “barro” in my nose. It is kind of like a huge boil but more painful than any boil I have ever had. My nose was red and swollen and I couldn’t even kiss my babies for the pain of touching my nose on their faces. It is better now, Praise God, but just share that to say this has been one bad week for me. Thanks for praying for me that God will keep holding me up through whatever comes my way.

We have been praying about what to do about our elderly couple that we feel responsible for, Efrain and Emelia. They were moved out of their dirt hut in the village a few months back and we wanted to build them a house but haven’t had the funds yet. In the meantime, a man built a house right down the road from us and ended up leaving it because of breaking up with his woman. He wanted to sell it but when I offered to rent it, he rented it for $27 a month and we have moved Efain and Emelia in it. They LOVE it — it is the nicest place they have ever lived and they are so happy. Of course, they were already so happy just knowing they have a mansion in heaven waiting for them since they accepted Christ as their savior this past year. They love being close to me (especially since we are their only source of food) and being able to attend our church services to worship with us.

Sunday School is growing so fast and we were without a teacher and now Olga, an older woman who has been my friend for 5 years, has offered to help us, as well as Yadira (Angie’s 24-year old neice who also works to help with the kids each day). God is providing just in time for every single need and I praise Him so much for his faithfulness to us in every way.

I will be in the States from Thursday (March 17th) until Thursday (March 24th). My parents’ phone number is 864-333-5396 if you wish to talk to me by phone. I will not have much time to see many of you, but would love to talk on the phone. Please be praying for us and for the kids and Carlos, etc. while I am away. They are well covered but, of course, I am always more at peace when I am near them.

We love all of you and are so grateful for your continuing support and prayer.

There is MUCH more to share, but I am exhausted and have to get some sleep tonight (P.S. Marta just came home and so now I KNOW that I can get some rest — by the way, she is happy because she seems to have gotten some good help from the judge to protect her family).

Love in His WONDERFUL grace (which I need desperately)