Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the prayers for the past week and a half. We had a great group here from Tomball Bible Church and some others from the Tomball area. God used these people in a great way. We did 2 days of medical team at Santa Rosita and many came to Christ as well as received treatment for their illnesses. They worked so hard and wore themselves out but God received so much honor in their sacrifice for these poor Honduran people. The men worked on various projects (medical clinic/third house electric preparation for the slab, working on the front gates, building another bunk bed, laying ceramic on the porch extension for the first house, etc.) One unusual gift was used here this past week. Jack Frey and his granddaughter, Kathryn, play the harmonica. They brought a lot of extra harmonicas and taught lessons to my older boys and the neighbor kids and one day taught the first graders too. I have prayed that we could bring music into these children’s lives and God started answering that prayer this week. They are all practicing regularly and I know many of them will go far with this new skill that was offered to them. It is just proof that any gift you have can be greatly used in this place. Be creative and come and share your gifts here at Destino. Thanks to God for such precious people that came to serve God here at Destino.

We are seeing so much accomplished right now. It is amazing to everyone, including me!! The construction site is moving along rapidly and we are so excited to see them start pouring the foundations. It is such an awesome project and we need all your prayers to accomplish it all in time for school. Only God will get the glory because it certainly will take a miracle of his power!! Thanks for your faithful prayers. The third house will be worked on as more funds come in. I think we have enough in the funding right now to complete the slab for the second story and put up some of the walls but will need a lot more to finish out the clinic below and house above and put the final roof on. God will provide in his perfect timing though and we will know that we are on His schedule and not our own.

Please be praying tonight. Carlos felt that he was to start a Bible study reach-out for the 30 men that are working on our construction right now. He will start a series of meetings on Wednesday nights and has assured the men that they will not be obligated to come or that it would affect their job opportunities at Destino if they chose to not come. They all told him they wanted to be here so we are praying for a great ministry among these 30 men. Most of them have not received the Lord Jesus as their Savior yet but live in this area and are interested. One of our regular workers has been praying with and for them before work every day since the school construction started and they are hungry to know God more. Thanks for your prayer.

We were able to talk to a judge about the children of Destino and our options if a parent changes their minds and decides to remove them and return them to a harmful situation at home. The judge is working with us to get the right papers in order so that every child who is returned (if that happens in the future) will have first had a check done on their home and investigation as to the parents’ income and ability to provide food for the child. We will be going to Comayagua on Friday morning to meet with some officials to help us with ths and will appreciate your prayer for that time. Josue’s parents came together this past Sunday and I was sure they were going to try to take him away. His father had never visited before and I felt that he was just coming to get him by force. Instead, he was a very humble gentle young man and I enjoyed talking to him and explaining the purpose of this ministry. Afterwards, he said that this is the best place for Josue and he would be faithful to come and visit him. I shared Christ with him and the mom and they both said they had received Jesus as their Savior before but had not been growing in their walk with Christ. I got to pray for them and the father just cried and cried and was so tenderly touched by the Spirit of God. He is grateful for this place for his son and knows that he cannot even provide food and clothing for him. It is still a hard thing though to be separated from your children, even if you know it is the only choice.

Caryn Neuhaus came to stay with us for 7 weeks and we are so happy to have her here. Her sister, Ann, is married to my nephew, Trent, and so she is like family to us. She is between jobs and wants to hear clearly from the Spirit as to what He has for her life so please be praying for her during this time at Destino. She is a great help to us but I also know that God sent her here to teach her and free her to serve him with her gifts.

I still don’t know about the satelite situation. I would love to have had that system in my house so that I can write emails from the house, but we found out that the people here were going to charge double monthly rate of what Direcway in the states was selling it for so we are going to try to do something more directly with the company. If anyone knows how to do that, please let us know. I am so anxious to get something worked out so I can have more time and less complication in my life. Thanks for your prayers . I believe God blocked this for me last week because we were scheduled to have them come out and I prayed that God would show me if it was not right and the man got dengue fever and couldn’t come — the timing was perfect and God protected me AGAIN!

Love you all so much and thank you for all your prayers for every part of this ministry. I am so blessed to have such a team behind me.

In His grace,