Our newest outreach is to the village of La Mision. It is about 30 minutes down the highway from Destino del Reino and can be seen from the highway from San Pedro Sula. We visited the village about a month ago and found that there is one very small evangelical church in a village of over 2,000 people. We believe that God wants us to reach this village for Christ and we have started taking groups there to begin the process. First of all, Carlos and his evangelical team took a Christian film there the third week of June. The last week of June, a group from Trinity on the Hill in Augusta, Georgia took a medical brigade and eyeglass clinic there as well. Many people were shown the love of Christ through the gifts and services offered to them through this group. Several individuals came to know Jesus Christ through the clinics and we had an evangelistic meeting during the lunch break that Thursday as well. Only about 70 people attended but more than 45 prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their savior that day. One of the men who accepted Christ is the mayor of the village and he has extended us his welcome to continue ministering in his village and using his facilities. On July 10, we will be taking a group from West Acres Baptist in Augusta, Georgia to hold a Vacation Bible School for the 300 children in the public school in La Mision. During the month of August, we will take Honduran evangelical teams to do door-to-door evangelism and then we plan to start meetings every week there to disciple the new believers. After discipleship, Carlos will begin a men’s bible study and Rhonda will lead the study for the women. Please be praying regularly for this new outreach. It is a wonderful way to bring many to Christ, make disciples, and at the same time train up our church body to minister to their own people.