Hey Everyone,

Thanks for your prayers last week. We had a great week with the group from Tomball, Texas. They had a lot of children with them but the children did a great job with the VBS and the children at Destino del Reino as well. We had a VBS in the village of Junka de la Palma and they also were able to build a fort/swingset equipment for the new school playground. God blessed is in so many ways. We did not get to do as much door-to-door evangelism that we had hoped but many came to Christ during the week through the VBS and various houses visited. God protected us in so many ways. The mountain villages were high up and we really stretched our cars!! The mud was so bad on one day that we could not get up to a village where we had intended to do some evangelism. Pray that we can get to Buena Vista in the near future with a group.

Well, in spite of being so tired after having 3 groups here in just over a month, last night I received a call about a group of 49 who had prepared to leave for Brazil today for a mission trip and suddenly the flight was cancelled. After talking to Carlos, we decided that we could have the group come to Destino for a week and work here. I told Carlos we are both crazy to take it on but he felt sure that we should. It seems to be God’s will because the hotel was completely empty for the week, Maribel said there would be no problem cooking for and serving a group that big and everyone is ready for them to come in tomorrow. Please PRAY for us. We are tired but finding energy from the Lord for each day. We pray that God will reveal to us what He has planned for this group. We have never had a group this big before and they are going to do medical/dental, evangelism and construction. Maybe the Lord just wanted to make sure we could finish up our school in the next month to be ready for school opening the end of August. We need to find translators, make bus arrangements and many more things today so please be praying for us.

I would also like everyone to pray for Carlos. He didn’t tell me until this week that he has had stomach aches for 3 months. We started him on Rantidine and he said it is a little better. Every time I have asked you to pray for something, God has miraculously answered so please do that once again. Carlos needs to stay healthy as he has soooo much on his plate with pastoring, and constructing and leading and administrating, etc. I don’t really know how he does all that he does so please keep him in your prayers.

We will be starting a discipleship class in La Mision on August 1st (Tuesday night) and will be doing that every Tuesday from now on. We really feel that God has called us to that village so please pray that the people will come out on the 1st and we can grow them up in the Word of God.

I will be leaving on Thursday (yes, in the middle of this huge group!!) to go to my family reunion in Colorado. I will only be gone for 4 nights and 5 days but please pray that all will go well in my house and that my children will be secure. Also, of course, pray for Carlos since he will have to finish the last 3 days with this group alone. I have not seen my extended family for many years and I know this is what I need to do but it sure is hard to leave my little ones again , so thanks for praying.

We have been hearing from the Embassy about Carlos’ permission to go to the USA. It is still looking pretty good but please keep praying. They evidently couldn’t get any record on him either (as our friends in Texas had tried as well). They said they will let us know when he can come back to get his permission, so at least they haven’t decided against it yet. God can give us favor there and we are praying for that.

Please keep praying faithfully for God to provide the teachers we need for the school. The application is now on the web site if you have anyone who might be interested in applying. We are waiting on God to show us what He intends to do with the school as far as American teachers. Thanks for praying for us.

Mirna came to visit today with baby Sophie and told me that she doesn’t plan to put her with us until she is one year old so that is another 5 months. We are kind of disappointed but also knowing God is in control.

We are having the big birthday week this week. Fernando turned 6 on Sunday and then Cokie turned 4 on Thursday and tomorrow is Josue’s birthday and he will be 3 years old and then on Tuesday is Eidy’s 6th birthday. When i get back from Colorado next week, it will be Cesar’s 5th birthday. Whew — this is not a time for dieting, ha. I have been cooking cakes constantly and even had to cook Carlos’ son’s cake on Wednesday as well. The kids are VERY happy though, as you can imagine.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for us always. That is exactly what keeps us going and God keep blessing us so richly. We are so grateful for your love and support.

Love to all of you.

In His grace,