Hey Everyone!!!
I have so much to praise God for right now.  He is always amazing and always doing more than we could ever think or imagine.  We just need to ASK!!
First of all, Carlos’ mom had surgery two days ago.  Carlos was so sad when we went to the US because his mom had been really sick. The day before we returned to Honduras, he found out by email that his mom had cancer and was scheduled for surgery to have a hysterectomy on Tuesday.   I went to the hospital with Wendy and in the room were several nieces and cousins and sisters of Carlos.  All of us ladies just encircled the bed and prayed over her before surgery.  We prayed that God would just go in and melt away the cancer and when they did the operation they would not find any cancer at all.  Well, the surgery was supposed to be 3 hours and after 1 and 1/2 hours the doctors came out and said they did the hysterectomy but there was absolutely NO CANCER and she was completely clean!!!  Only God!!!!
The next day another miracle happened.  We got another $30,000 for the land.  We are so close to having all we need now and we just lack a few thousand more.   Pray for Carlos as he calls the company today and offers a lower amount.  Pray they will accept less so that we can get this completely bought soon!!!   I am so amazed at God’s provisions.   We weekly rely on God for all of our food and gas and salaries for employees and usually don’t know for sure that we have enough until it is the exact time we need it.  In spite of our just having exactly enough, God provides $100,000 for the land.  So it is clearly HIS WILL and we will wait with great anticipation to see all that He has planned for this land!!! Keep praying for wisdom for us.  Thanks so much for your faithful prayers for this GREAT provision for Destino.
Thanks for praying for the school.  We still need two more American teachers and two more Honduran teachers — I have no idea where they will come from but God does and He will provide in His perfect timing, but we sure appreciate your faithful prayers for this matter.   We also need about 40 new sponsors for the coming year.  If you know anyone interested in being a sponsor for $40 a month (year-round) — as well as a commitment to pray for that student, please have them go on the web site (www.destinodelreino.org) under “school” and sign up.  We plan to have the sponsors send their own pictures to their  students this year so that the students will be praying faithfully for their sponsors as well.
Also, we have to have about $9,000 for all the bilingual and Spanish books for the school this year.  We are enrolling 30 in every class as well as adding the 4th grade so we have quite a big cost in curriculum, but again, God will provide because He is faithful.  Just help us pray about all these needs.

We had our kindergarten graduation yesterday and it was so beautiful.  It was the first time we had the ceremony in our new school and it turned out so perfectly.   We praise God for our beautiful cafeteria and all that He has provided for these very poor children.   Carlitos and Cokie were in this graduation class and they were soooo precious.  While the kids walked up individually for their diiplomas, the announcer was telling what they said when asked various questions.  Carlitos had told them that the person most influential in his life was Eduard because he spent so much time playing with the little kids.  That was such a blessing to know that the kids are seeing Eduard as a role model.  Thankfully, Eduard was at the graduation to hear that and it meant a lot to him too.   I am so excited about what God is doing and going to do with these children.  Blanca’s mom visited last weekend and she told me later that Blanca had told her
enphatically that she plans to be a missionary to Brazil when she grows up — WOW, God is already moving in these little hearts to prepare them to change the world for Christ!!
We had a great visit to California last week.   We didn’t have as many opportunities to speak in churches as we had planned, but God was in control of all and we just rest in the peace that we were where HE wanted us to be and with whom HE wanted us to share the ministry.  It was a great time with Aunt Lareta and Uncle Frank and their family in Los Angeles, and then with Trent (my nephew) and Ann and the boys in Bakersfield and we saw some other friends in Bakersfield as well.   One of my special times was the reunion with my former “daughter” Liz Zambrano (and her little boy) in Los Angeles.  She is such a beautiful young woman and I am so thankful for the memories we have together and her life now. It was a huge highlight of my trip.   Carlos’ favorite part was the Sequoia Forest where we saw the huge trees.  It is so amazing the size of them.  We took pictures and afterwards I could not believe the pictures, even though I took them!!
ha.   God was really showing His glory when he created those humongous trees.  A great surprise was that we found snow up there at the top and Carlos had never in his life seen snow — I just felt like God had that sweet surprise for Him to show His interest in every area of our lives.  What a Father we have.  I think He just delights to delight us!!
Our two summer volunteers are here, J.D. Russell and Hayden Brantley.  They are so gracious and good with the children and willing to do whatever is necessary as far as work around here.  Please pray for them to have the strength and energy to work this summer.  I thank God for providing them for us.  There are so many things going on and we need all the help we can get!!!
Thanks for your continuous faithful prayers for us at Destino del Reino.  God is mighty and in charge and we are just grateful to be a small part of His Kingdom work here on earth.
We love and appreciate every one of you and praise God for putting you each on our “team.”
Love in His grace,