Hey Everyone,
This will be short because I have to hurry, but we need your prayer.  Today in the afternoon Carlos came to the house crying and said his older sister had a stroke in Las Esperanza.  He was heading out to that area of Honduras and I realized I needed to take Sammy to the emergency clinic.  He has had a high fever all day and I couldn’t get it down.  He couldn’t stand us to touch his leg and I thought it was just because of the high fever making his bones hurt.  Finally, I realized that it was just one leg and I took off his blue jeans very carefully and he has blotches all over that leg and a really big bright red circle on a nother part.  We took him to the clinic and they said they think he has cellulitis and will start tests and will be in the hospital at least three days and if the antibiotic they try those three days doesn’t work effectively they will keep him longer and give him another one.  That sounds like guess work to me and I am
scared.   I am on my way back to stay with im this week in the hospital but just wanted to beg all of you to pray for Sammy and Carlos’ sister and all of us.  This is a testing time.
I hve much more to share with you but mostly it was just more situations where we need prayer so just pray and the Spirit will know what we need.  I need wisdom and pray that the doctors will be wise and that the Father will heal them both up quickly.
Thanks for being there for us.
Love in His grace,