Hey Everyone,
Wow, have we ever had a hectic week or two at Destino del Reino.  But Praise God, it is all coming together.   We are sooooo pleased with the new school teachers, both American and Honduran.  The past years we have looked and looked for good teachers and had a hard time.  But this year, we cannot hire all the good teachers that came looking to work for us.  They are all so very precious and we are so grateful for the eagerness to carry out the goal of Destino — “to build leaders for the kingdom.”  We have three men teachers this year as well and I am so happy about having a man in the life of so many of these children who only have single moms.

The American teachers came in on Saturday and they had quite a week of adjustments.  I felt so much pressure to make it better for them and we provided all the furniture we could possibly come up with, etc. but there are always adjustments to less luxury and more complicated ways to live.  They are doing well though and I know that God will teach them so much through the hardships this year.  They are very enthusiastic and working hard though.  Pray for them always as you think of this new school year.

I am feeling a lot of stress right now financially because of the first of the year.  We don’t have all our sponsors and we have to buy all the curriculum, all the uniforms, all the shoes, all the materials for decorating, and still pay our regular bills.  Please pray for the Lord to provide all we need in His perfect timing.  Also, pray that we get a sponsor for each of the new students this year — it is so important, not only financially but for their prayer support.  Thanks for praying for this huge need.

Well, all the $100,000 is just sitting in the bank waiting right now.  We feel like we need to wait and pray for the right timing.  We need you to pray that the company will contact us and be ready to close the deal on the land.  We KNOW that God has this perfectly timed and worked out and we just need to wait on HIM!!   The owner is supposed to be calling Carlos from Guatemala so we are waiting on him.  It would be great if they would take less than the $100,000 and that would get us out of our financial stress right now.  But either way, God is giving us a great deal for the $100,000 because it is more than 120 acres and that is an INCREDIBLE price for Honduras right now.

Another very important prayer request is for the baby boy that will be coming in 10 days.  I had written some time back that Abi’s mom was pregnant and was going to abort the baby. We talked her out of that and promised to take the baby as soon as it was born.  Well, when she found out it was a boy, she decided she liked boys and would keep him.  She had given another baby girl away before Abi and then gave Abi to us and never bothered to see her again.  The aunt came a few weeks ago and said now the baby is sick with convulsions or something and so suddenly the mom wants him to live with us.  I really believe that we will find the baby is not sick at all and that God only allowed the sickness to make her give him up to us since she doesn’t really care for him or about him.  Please pray that we will know if we are to take him into Destino.  We cannot take care of children with permanent health problems, but are prayign that God will heal him and
then we can keep him and raise him here at Destino.  Thanks for your prayers for that little boy.

We finished the fountain in the school the other day and I planted the flowers in the part around it and it was breathtaking and it was the fulfillment of one of our many dreams.  The kids will really enjoy it in their beautiful school this year.  Well, I called Carlos to come and see the fountain after we got the flowers in and the kids were admiring it with me.  When he came, he was so happy to see how beautiful it looked and then, all of a sudden, he looked up in the sky and said, “THAT IS INCREDIBLE.”   When we looked up in the sky, I saw something I have NEVER seen in my life.  The clouds were lined with silver from the sun and then behind them were three round rainbows — it looked like huge bubbles with all the colors of the rainbow in them.  Carlos talked about that in his sermon that night at church.  He said we were so proud of our fountain project and then we looked up and it was like God said, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”  He used a
verse that said to brag about your God — paraphrased — it was so incredible.  We can do many things but God is sooooo far above anything we can do or think or imagine.

Thanks for your prayers for us personally here at Destino.  We have so many battles but we are walking more and more in victory every day.  We still need you prayers for us to stay in the Word and in prayer every day and not to ever arrogantly think that we can live even one day without the Spirit’s absolute control over us.

I also need prayer for personal discipline.  I finally found a second-hand treadmill and now am too tired every night to do the exercise.  I really want to get in shape — not for vanity like when I was younger — but because I want to live with energy to see this next generation complete the will of God in their lives.   Thanks for praying for me.  I need to eat right and less and exercise and sometimes I just don’t have any energy to care.

Keep praying for Wendy as she is heading up the school.  I know she will do a wonderful job.

Thanks for praying about the container.  It came in right before our group from Texas got here.  They did an incredible job and we could not have been ready for school without them.  Mike is now sending another Ford pick-up for us and we are thriled but we really need a donated copy machine that he thinks he can get into the back of the Ford.  Please pray for that to work out.  Both of our copiers are not working well and you can imagine how much we need them with a school of 180 kids.  I know God will work all of this out, as always, in His perfection.

I appreciate all of you and thank you so much for praying faithfully for all of these needs.  We will wait and see the Glory of the Lord manifested in each different situation and conflict.  He is faithful and He is good ALWAYS.

Love in His grace,