Hey Everyone,
I am sooooo excited to tell you that we have all our teachers for the coming year and it is so obvious that God has picked them for us.  Please be praying for the school because we have almost all new people and only 3 returning.  That is good though because we are starting with a completely new staff that is not accustomed to being so RELAXED at school.  We plan to run a tight ship this year and have a lot of forms and much more order so hopefully the year will be much more smoother than before.  I have been making manuals for the teachers explaining all the rules, the forms, the procedures, etc. so that should make life easier from here on out.  Thanks for your prayers.  My biggest concern is  the 50 sponsors we need for the kids this year.  It is not so much the money because we know that God will provide for every need, it is more that those 50 kids will not have someone committed to praying for them.  Please continue to pray for us about
this great need.  Thanks.

Carlos went today to finally get our container out so we have a lot of work to do unpacking and arranging things this week and weekend.  Pray that he will be able to get it out today and that it will be less than the $1,700 they are asking.  It is pure robbery at the port but there is not much we can do about that, except PRAY and God can change their hearts.  Thanks.

Thanks for your prayers for the church and all of our activities.  The church is growing every week and we are praising God for such an precious opportunity to help these very poor people grow in their faith.  We have had a lot of conflict though from the Enemy about this.  Last week Carlos could not get back from Siguatepeque because of a horrible accident so we had church without him.  The people sang with all their hearts and I passed the microphone around the church and various people shared what God has been doing for them and giving praise.  We had a great service in spite of the opposition.  Then last night for church, just as Carlos pulled in with the teachers he had picked up, the lights went out.  We sang in the dark and had a great time and then by the time we finished, Carlos had hooked up a generator and we had a great time.  We will keep pressing on in spite of the opposition so pray for us.

Thanks for continuing to pray about the land.  We will wait for the last money to be put in the bank and then trust the Lord to have the company contact us and accept our offer of $100,000.  Thanks for praying for God to finish this business off soon.

We need another worker for the children{s home right now and an extra bus driver for the school so please be praying that God will send the employees that HE wants at Destino.

We praise God for all He is doing here at Destino.  It is really amazing sometimes, when I take a moment to really look around instead of getting so caught up in little details or changing diapers or interviewing people, etc.  God is up to a great work here and we are so thankful to be a part of it.  Pray for us to guard our vision every day and see the big picture and not to be discouraged in little things that will not matter at all by next month.   Pray for us continually that we will stay in the Word and in the presence of the Father to only seek HIS wisdom and not depend on our own (not that we have much).

Please be praying especially for Eduard and Erick.  They are at critical ages, being teenage boys.  Carlos has had some great talks with them and is spending regular time with them so pray for wisdom especially for him in training these young boys.  Eduard is especially determined to be a holy man of God and he will be tempted on every hand, for sure.  Erick is just 15 right now but having some struggles so we ask you to pray that God will help us know how to guide him in love and discipline.

Pray for the team coming in on Saturday ‘to do dentistry for all of the Destino family and make the final desks and shelves, etc. for the school, as well as paint and clean and whatever we need to do to get the school ready.

Pray for the American teachers coming in on the 16th, that they will adjust quickly and that God will give them an incredible year at Destino.

I thank God for giving us all of you on our prayer team.  I really count on your prayers and am grateful for all God has done already through answer to YOUR prayers.

Love in His grace,