Hey Everyone,
We need your prayers (as always).  The thieves have been waiting in the woods every night since Friday night when they broke in Carlos and Wendy’s house.  They are waiting for another opportunity.  We have had our guys patrolling the land every night and shootting in the air to keep them back.  They wrote threats in the dirt in the floor of the unfinished clinic building.  The problem in Honduras is that the police don’t want to come and if someone was arrested they would only serve a month or so in jail and then come back for more revenge.  We don’t want to have to shoot anyone because they may die without Christ and spend eternity in hell and I don’t want that for anyone, even my worst enemy.  So it is really a tough thing to know how to handle this.  BUT we have incredible peace.  God told Carlos something last night and He told me the same thing this morning, so we KNOW it is Him talking to us.  This is the battle plan.  You can read about
it in 2 Chronicles 20:21-30 — tomorrow night we are getting all the kids involved and teaching them this story and then we will march around our property singing praises and using the tambourines and shouting praise to our God.  We are praying the enemies will be defeated and start fighting among themselves — please join us in prayer for this time and that God will show Himself strong and like verse 29 says, all the people around will hear that the LORD fought against the enemies — it will be an incredible testimony of the power and might of our LORD.
Thanks for your prayers.

I am attaching a picture of our little warriors and we wish all of you a very merry CHRISTmas.
Love in His grace,