Hey Everyone,

I know y’all were praying for the last 6 weeks about our break-ins and it looked like they had stopped — but now I think it was just your prayers that were keeping the people away from Destino.  We need to start praying AGAIN!!  Last night, we had  a wonderful church service and afterwards, as always, Carlos left to take some teachers back to Siguatepeque.  Wendy and her youngest son went into their house and I went there to borrow a movie.  I walked back to my house and was only in my house 3 minutes when Wendy called me and screamed “there are men outside” — before we could think what to do, Wendy and Kenny came screaming and running into our house.  At least three men were outside of her house and even though they knew she was inside (she had turned on some lights and was talking and there was music inside,  they threw a cement block through the window on the side and two others started breaking down the front door.  She escaped out the back
to get to us and Carlos made it back from town in 8 minutes (that is scary in itself for how fast he must have been driving) — we had a bunch of neighbors shooting in the air to scare them off and everyone stayed in my house last night and they did not return BUT we need a plan and need lots and lots of prayer coverage for us right now.  Carlos plans to start putting on bars at each window but that costs a lot of money too so we will just start with his house.  We also need to hire two guards at night.  Please pray for Wendy and Kenny to have the peace they need after this trauma and for all of us for safety and wisdom here at Destino.  Pray for these men — God needs to stop them soon.  They have been stealing from a lot of other places around this area but last night is the first time I have known them to try to enter when someone was in the house.  I know they would have hurt them if they had not gotten out the back door.  Thanks for praying.
We depend on all your prayers.

Thanks for praying for my mom — her surgery will  be the second or third week of January and I will be able to go home for that.  Keep praying for the healing that we know God can do.

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration in the school yesterday and are now out for 2 weeks.  We plan to take the kids to give away their f avorite clothes again to the poor children in the village above us, to visit the nursing home and take cookies to the elderly and to celebrate Jesus’ birthday on the 25th with lots of people and a great evangelistic service.

I’ll write more when I have time. Sorry this is short but I needed your prayers immediately.
In His grace,