Hallelujah, we just went to Tegucigalpa today and signed the land papers — we cannot wait to see all that God has planned for this new property.  The owner of the chicken company and the other assistants were so great and we had a wonderful time sharing with them about all the miracles of the ministry of Destino.  They said they had something else to tell us — there was a buyer that offered quite a bit more money for the land  but they really knew they were supposed to let us have it for the lower price — we were so amazed.  They were Christians and although they originally thought we were just a humanitarian work, afterwards they gave God the credit for making this decision about us having the land.  On top of that, the owner said he would like to provide us with eggs every week from now on.  They raise chickens and the eggs that they know are not going to be good chickens, they give away or sell but they will start donating them to us.  Wow
— God did above and beyond all we could ask or think.  Of course, now I am praying it will hit him that they could also donate chicken for the school cafeteria every week as well, ha.
Thanks for prayers and for all of you too that gave so generously to make this happen.  Keep praying for us to have much wisdom in exactly when and how God would want us to start using the new land.
On a sadder note, please pray for my parents.  Today it was confirmed that my mama does have cancer and a team of experts are meeting tomorrow to decide the best course of action and after the appointment on Thursday, my parents will know what the best course of action is to be taken and what is going on.  This is such a hard time for us — this is the anniversary week of my sister’s death as well and we are just overwhelmed with grief and hurt, we all need your prayer that we will sense the presence of our loving Father more than ever this week.  Thanks so much for holding us up in prayer.
Love to all of you,