Hey Everyone,
I am so sorry that I have not written in several weeks.  I know you would all like an update and I am sorry to have kept you waiting.

Please be praying for my mom.  She has been in the hospital again and on Wednesday morning they diagnosed her with pancreatic cancer.  However, a different cancer doctor came in her room about noon and said he just was not sure he agreed because some things just didn’t add up.  He did two more tests that night and we have to wait until Tuesday to have the results back from those other tests.  It is a hard long wait.  Our hopes soared again when we knew he had  doubts but we want to just keep praying for God to heal her of whatever is wrong in her body.  Thanks for joining me in praying for her and we will believe that our God is still the same miracle-working God that we read about in the Bible and He is ABLE.  He not only says in His word that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, He says, Nothing is even DIFFICULT for Him.  Thanks for your prayers.  This has been really hard news for us because it was this time last year when my sister was in the same
hospital and she went to be with the Lord a year ago next week.  You can imagine the pain in the family during this time so thanks for your prayers.

Some good news is that our land deal is finally closing on Tuesday, December 9th.  Be praying for everything to go smoothly.  I can’t really imagine anything stopping it though — the money has been in the bank for ages and we just have to sign with our lawyers and transfer money into the seller’s account.  Thanks for praying though for safety as we travel to Tegucigalpa and that things will be done quickly since we have church that night and need to be back on time.

Everything at Destino is going GREAT right now.  It is amazing how the Lord goes before us and plans every detail of this ministry.  We decided not to continue with our fourth grade teacher after his 3 month probation period because the  students were way behind in every course and he had missed a lot of work without excuse.  He is a great young Christian man b ut we just had to do what was best for the students.  We talked to our young man who has been an assistant for several yeras but has the qualifications to be a teacher and he is continuing as our 4th grade teacher.  He is doing a great job and we are completely covered in every class without having to hire another teacher.  We just love the way the Lord has worked out every detail at the school this year.  He is so faithful and things are flowing so smoothly and we are stricter but more clear in all the rules and there is just a great atmosphere there now.  Praise God for that.
Thanks for praying for us regularly.  The school is such a huge blessing but also a huge responsibility.  Keep praying for Wendy as the director.  She is doing an incredible job and is firm but loving and is really leading well there.  Heather is the English teacher for kinder, preparatory and first grade now and she is doing a great job, but I would really ask that you pray for her for health problems.  She seems to be catching every flu bug and cold that is in the air.  They say that is normal for first year teachers but she is pretty miserable at times and keeps on coming so faithfully to class but really needs prayer for good health.  Thanks for remembering her.

Carlos is doing a great job here at the ministry — better than ever and with such enthusiasm and passion to reach the lost.  We are planning to have a dinner for the drunks in Siguatepeque sometime soon.  The guys will pass out written invitations to them to a supper here and afterwards Carlos will preach the gospel to them.  Please be praying now f or this time.  Christ reached the LOST, not the religious, and as we try to reach these lost men in Siguatepeque, I know there will be much criticism and obstacles — but it is what Jesus would do and we have a burden for them.  Thanks for praying.

Continue to pray for direction for the year coming up.  As God provides the money, we would like to  finish up the clinic and re-roof the second house.  If we do those two things, we could start praying and seeking the right houseparents for the second house and move the little girls in there.  We know that God is already preparing the hearts of the right couple to take over that group of kids and ask that you pray with us on these needs.

We are planning to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, as usual, on the 25th and have a big church service, birthday cake for Jesus and lots of fireworks. Be praying for a  great crowd to come to hear the gospel preached and to finally know what Christmas is really about.  We plan to take our kids up to a village again that week and they can pass out clothes and toys to the children there.  We did that last year and it was our favorite part of the season, as all our kids picked out their favorite clothes to give away to others.  It was a huge blessing.

Thanks again for all your prayers for us here at Destino.  There are so many burdens and responsibilities so please pray that Carlos and I will really learn how to cast our cares on Him every single day and not bear them in our own strength — that is when we get discouraged.   We praise God for your prayers for all of us here and know that is why God is so faithfully accomplishing His purposes through us here in Honduras.

Love to all of you,
In His grace,