Hey Everyone,
I wanted to let everyone know that we heard this morning that Nicaragua kicked our ex-president out of their country.  They said he was inciting war between Nicaragua and Honduras and they were going to side with Honduras.  It is especially good news because Nicaragua’s president has been up to the same thing — trying to vote in his ability to remain in power indefinitely and we are now hoping that Nicaragua will have the courage to stand against Chavez as well.  Please keep praying.  There are marches with thousands and thousands of people in the streets today to support Honduras’ courage to stand against Chavez and I am soooo proud of this country.  We just need to continue to pray for full victory.  The bad news is that the USA decided to withdraw all aid to  Honduras as of yesterday — this is such a stupid move and we are going to just keep on here no matter what happens.  I am praying that when Honduras has its regularly scheduled election for president in November, that the USA will recognize Honduras once again as a democracy and send in support again — thanks for your continued prayers. 
Other good news is that we interviewed about 10 ladies today for teacher and assistant and at least three of the women accepted Christ during the interview process.  We always want to ensure that our teachers know the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior and so we go over the evangelical questions and it was a wonderful time.  Several of the others prayed and understood their security in Christ better and we prayed for a couple of them with huge family problems.  It was more like counseling and evangelism all morning instead of interviewing for teachers.  We did find plenty of good people for the jobs among these ladies though.  Pray that we will make the right choices.  We need one teacher and 3 assistants. 
Other good news is that we were able to pay for all the English materials for the school year and now lack the 5th grade books (this is our first year with 5th graders) and math for the other classes.  Pray that the money will come in for all of this and for the uniforms as well.  God is good and so faithful to complete HIS plans at Destino.
Love in His grace,