Hey Everyone,
I don’t know how many weeks I have let pass without updating you and I am sorry — sorry for us too because I know that you are faithfully praying and when you don’t know what to pray for, that is my fault.
Mostly, right now I need more faith.  The school gets bigger every year and we need more funds to school so many poor children and to feed them, etc.  So my faith has to GROWWWWWW every year in big way.  We will have 205 kids starting in school in a few days.  That is a lot of responsibility!!.
Right now, as well, it is a dificult time for my family.  My mom starts a new aggressive kind of chemotherapy today and we are all nervous about the side affects that it may have.  The doctors told her that the cancer is spread into her bones and also all through her stomach and in the pancreas, as well.  We know that God is able to do above and beyond all we ask and think and we pray for His perfect will and we pray for his healing touch on her and that she will not suffer.  Please pray for her and for my dad and all of our family.  She has always been soooo strong and healthy and it is so hard to see her hurting. 
Also, we need a lot more sponsors for these children in the school.  If everyone that reads this will help us recruit just one person for $30 a month to be half sponsors and promise to pray for one child, we could cover all the expenses for the year.  It is really a stress right now but God is and always will be faithful and we just need to all pray about this together.
All our cars are falling apart.  Every car and van we have has over 130,000 miles and so you can imagine all the repair bills we are paying now.  We really need to buy a newer pick-up with less mileage and have no idea how God might work that out for us.  Please pray though for this great need.  
Well, I’m sorry I started out with all our NEEDS and not any praises.  God has been so good to us.  He has provided all the school books in Spanish that we need for the year through the government.  The government is also considering helping us with the basics for the meals — beans, rice, flour, etc.   We have a new hen house and hens thanks to our last group and we have eggs every day without having to buy them.  It is a great time to train the children too and they love taking care of the chickens.   We bought a few ducks this week from a neighbor and so now we are developing quite a little farm.  It is time to breed our pig as well and that will be great fun having lots of piglets in a few months. 
The kids are doing great.  Sammy asked Jesus Christ to be his savior yesterday and that was a great encouragement to us.  He starts school in two weeks and I have been trying to explain that, although he is the family clown, he cannot be the class clown or will be in the principal’s office all the time.  He is trying to calm down and sit still longer to get used to the idea.  He doesn’t even sit in his seat at the dinner table continually and is always up and distracted.  He is a little hyperactive and so please pray for him to adjust to school.  The other children are so excited about the new school year coming up.  The new teachers all seem so helpful and encouraging and I am excited for the year ahead.  Our American teachers have all arrived now and I am so grateful to the Lord for those He has sent to us.  They are humble servants and ready to serve the Lord in this school and I ask you to pray for them to be encouraged and to get through all the culture shock etc. and learn to depend WHOLLY on the Lord Jesus for all their needs, financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc.  This is a big shock to some of them and yet they are ready to be obedient and serve the Lord here.  Please pray for them by name if you can:  Nathaniel, Mallori, Zoe, Amanda and Amanda Marie. 
Pray for Wendy as she starts her second year in directing the school.  She has been doing an incredible job but it is a lot of work and a lot of stress and she needs encouragement.  We praise God that Wendy got a 10-year visa to visit the US with us and she will be going with us to Texas in October for a missions conference at Tomball Bible Church.  She probably will not be able to travel as much as Carlos and I have to but at least once a year we would like to take her to speak in churches with us.  Thanks for praying for her permission and visa.
Carlos and I both need more prayer for more discipline every day — to put our time with the Lord as our No. 1 priority so that the rest of our hours in the day will be filled with the Spirit and wisdom and we will not be acting in our own strength and abilities.  Thanks for remembering us in prayer continually.
Raye Pearson is starting to write a book about Destino del Reino and I ask that you pray for wisdom for her in how the Lord would like her to put this book together.  We believe that God will use the book as a great faith-builder for all who read it and that Destino’s influence will reach many and remind them that God is still the same miracle-working God of Bible times and they can TRUST HIM WHOLLY!!!  Thanks for praying for Raye.
We are expecting a container in the next few weeks — pray for it to arrive without difficulty, taht we wil not be charged taxes (we’re supposed to be tax-exempt with the ministry) and that we will get it in time to hook up all the computers for computer classes starting soon.  God is in control though and we will wait on HIS perfect timing.  I so appreciate all the people in Texas that are working so diligently to get these things to us.  And also Bryan College donated and packed up and sent 50 computers, and people in Georgia arranged the trucks, etc.  God will greatly bless all of you, I am sure of it!!    Also, pray for the sending of the second container with a tractor and other things we need to get busy farming here.  This is so necessary and we are ready to start supporting ourselves more at Destino.  No one knows what lies ahead for any of us — USA or Honduras — so we need to be better prepared for some hard days ahead. 
Things are STILL very calm and in control in Honduras.  We are a democracy here and they are going to have democatic elections again in November — the candidates have been chosen for about 8 months now — so unlike what you may be hearing in the press in the US — God has done a great thing in Honduras and kept us free from the dictatorship of the ex-president and Chavez.  Keep praying for the Honduran government to remain strong in their stance against Chavez, no matter if the whole world tries to pressure them.  Thanks.
God is so faithful and I need to just rest in HIS arms daily and trust Him with all my heart no matter what lies ahead.   Thanks for your prayers for more faith!!!   This is all about HIM and not us.  I was reading today in “Crazy Love” about how we act like we are so important here on the earth.  It is like we have a half a second in a play where the back of our head is seen in one scene and then, in our arrogance, we invite everyone to come and see the play as if we were the main star.  God is the star and this is all about Him and if He is kind enough to give us our next breath and let us live a few years here on earth — it needs to be dedicated totally and fully to honoring Him and making Him KNOWN in all the earth.  That was a great reminder for me when I get so caught up in all around me and forget who is this really for.  HIM and HIM ALONE!!
I love you all and praise God for all the prayer support and encouragement that you give us continually.  We can never tell you how much trouble and struggles we have here but we know that the Lord is faithful and with your prayers we are strengthened.  Thank you.
In His grace,