Hey Everyone,

Thank you for all your encouragement and prayers — I am feeling much better this morning and God’s faithfulness and mercy is NEW every morning. I also wanted to tell you that I didn’t mean for my last email to be all about finances — that is not really what was discouraging me the most — as you know our Father is RICH — it is about betrayal, and lying and government blocks, and greed, etc. and it just gets so old. i am thinking of writing a petition to the Honduran government about a change in legislature that would have a category for non-profit ministries to have different labor requirements and then looking for lots of ministries to sign and send to the government here. We are all trying to help the people of Honduras but it is so impossible to accomplish anything here when we have no earnings and yet are required to give so many bonuses and extras to the employees. No wonder the unemployment rate here is more than 40%. So please pray for wisdom in this endeavor.

ALSO, I got an email from a friend, Craig Bridges, who has a sheet business — I can really vouch for this because I was given a set for my birthday and sleep on them every night and LOVE them. The sheets are 1,200 count, deep pockets, soooo soft and all sizes come with 4 pillow cases and are only $40.00!!! I really love them and so I am excited about Craig’s offer to help Destino through a fund raiser.

Here is what he said:

“I don’t know how many individual churches you have supporting you or individuals that belong to potential supporting churches. But the idea would look like this; Say you have 10 supporting churches (10 an easy math number). Each church does a fundraiser for you selling our sheets. Say each church sold 500 sets of sheets (pretty easy number for a small to med size church). That would equal 5,000 sets of sheets which would earn your ministry $100,000!! Even if they just sold 100 sets (a couple of people can do that) would equal $20,000. You could even give back a portion to the church and still profit a lot of money. The great thing is it would require no effort on your part once the fundraiser started. I would deal directly with the churches. There is a lot of potential for this. We have a HS Band that has made over $70,000! A small church in Athens with only 14 participants made $12,000 in 6 weeks. A lot of potential. Maybe do some networking with some key people that support your ministry & put me in contact with them and lets see where it will go.”

Please be praying about this idea — as you can see it could raise enough money to not only get us out of debt but to build our junior/high school that needs to be started this next year. Thanks for any ideas you may have. If you think your church can help, please write me immediately and I will get your names to Craig. This just may be how God will provide in a great way for Destino del Reino.

Thanks for the continued prayers — God is able and faithful and HE WILL DO WHAT HE STARTED . This is not my ministry, never has been, it was God’s idea and so He will DO IT.

Love in His grace,