Wendy and I made an appointment for 9:30 am. tomorrow to talk to the very official that signed the order to have Ana taken away — we need prayer that she will show us favor and give Ana back to us — she could do it legally.

Then tonight we found out that tomorrow, the same day we already had the appointment, they will be moving little Ana away from her present foster home to a new home with strangers — she will be traumatized again — please PLEASE pray for God’s mercy in this situation. I cannot hardly stand the thought that she is being put in such insecurity again — pray for all of us and for God to resolve this NOW.

All other efforts are not seeming to work. Our friends talked to the head of the agency and she appointed a lawyer for us because she said she wants to help us but pray that this appointment tomorrow will be the answer for our little Ana.

Love to all of you and thanks for praying for us, especially for Ana tomorrow.

In His grace,