Hey Everyone, keep praying.

We went to the judge where Ana was originally found in the field on the day she was born. The jduge had signed an order that the agency said gave them the right to take her away from her but the judge says that it only gave them the right to be authority over her (which had been the case since the day we got her) — the judge has written a strong suggestino to the agency head that it is her desire and suggestion for the best interest of Ana that she be returend to Destino until they actually find an adoptive family for her. We are going to talk to the head in a few hours and plan to hand-deliver the order from the judge to her tomorrow. Please pray for favor. It was told to us that the director is a Christian and wants to help us so this would be her easy way to take care of this if she wants to.

We plan to make up a flyer in the area for distribution in the area where Ana was originally abandoned and try to locate a family member who will take her back from the governmetn and give us the rightful autority to keep raising her at Destino forever.

Thanks for praying for this to all be finished in glorious VICTORY — we need favor tomorrow with the director of the agency — that she will be in the office tomorrow and that they will get Ana back to us immediately before she has to stay with starngers more than a few days.

Love to all of you and am counting on your prayers.