Hey Prayer partners,

I am feeling so desperate right now and am hoping you are holding me up in prayer.

In the history of this ministry, I have never had such a hard month — as you read in my last email, things are so hard — accident and lots of expenses from that, people trying to sue us for money they don’t have coming to us, financial debts, etc. etc. Instead of writing that things are better, I am writing to tell you that they are actually worse than ever. My lady that is the supervisor over all the other women that work for us and the person that I rely the most on for keeping things running smoothly at Destino, got in an argment (over something so trite) today and just resigned and left and I couldn’t do anything to make her realize that we all need her and the kids are like her own family, etc. I can’t imagine how I can manage without her help but God will show us.

The other really hard thing for us is that Ana is adopted and we cannot get her back. We have tried everything we know to do and it appears that it is not a possibility and what makes it harder is that we are not allowed to find her or talk to her. My heart is SOOOO broken and we need to pray that God has placed her in a Christian family and that she will be loved as their own. I can’t tell you how much I need your prayers right now. Then Sammy and Emily’s parents called today and said they are returning in July (after 4 1/2 years in the US — the kids don’t even know them) — they didn’t tell me their plans but it scared me and broke my heart at the thought that they would try to come and take them back — please pray for me — I am just not doing well right now. If ever I have wished that I could just have a different life, it would be right now. I am praying and praising God for my life in Him and praying that I will keep so focused on HIM and HIS will and be willing to suffer for the cause of Christ. there are lots of kinds of suffering but I guess for me the deepest suffering is losing children I love as my own and have since they were born. Please pray that I will live one day at a time, expecting the Lord to return that evening, and not be so sad and afraid of the next crisis in the future. I know that Satan never takes a rest, and this has been more obvious to me than ever.

Several people have written to encourage that many times when Satan attacks so fiercely it is because there is a huge blessing or work of God about to unfold. I pray that is the reason. I do have a great expectation for our church when Carlos returns and all the many ministries that we are starting at Destino with the new land, etc. Thanks for praying for me– I know some of you tell me that you pray for me every single day and I praise God for such a team behind me.