I can’t all of you enough for your prayers and encouragement in emails. I received toooooo many emails of encouragement to answer all of you but wanted to thank you.

God is stretching me and allowing some hurtful things in my life but all for His glory and because of his jealous love — His desire that I love nothing or no one more than Him and His will for my life. There is so much peace that comes when we (once again) surrender EVERYTHING to Him even if it is not what we want and everything we fear. He is God and I am NOT and that is enough. If I gave my life completely to Him then I am His to do what he wants. Thanks for praying for me that I will walk through each day, surrendered to anything He calls me to do and suffer.

I sent an old writing (author unknown) to some of my family this week and realized it was something I needed to read once again. I am attaching it to encourage all of you in whatever you are walking through — I really do want to be wholly His and I cannot compare my life with any other person that seems to have it easier.

Love to all of you,