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I really do not understand why some of you don’t send folks here to see the reality of the situation????  All the news sounds like this is some kind of evil regime here just shooting folks in the streets.  This in not Iran!!! 
Mel Zelaya was ousted because he is a liar.  He is lying to you and the rest of the world.  I am really confused by our goverment seemingly backing this would be dictator.  Why are none of the news networks sending folks here????
I have been here 13 years as a missionary and retired US Air Force Master Sergeant.  What I am seeing goes against everything that I have ever believed about my country.  Obama seems to be in bed with Castro, Chavez, Ortega and Zelaya on this.  Can you not see what a nightmare that is??  The streets of Honduras are calm!  Mel Zelaya is the one causing the problem.  Those folks who died yesterday, died because he refuses to tell the truth.  Why would he attempt to return with 80 to 90 percent of the population is against him?  He cannot be allowed to return to power!  Why would Obama want him to be in power???  This current government is not military and there is no martial law here.  We are under a curfew from 9pm to 5 pm because of the situation, but I travel accross the country frequently and have had no  problems and seen no riots or violence in the streets.  It seems as though the whole world is against this tiny country for doing what was right.  Please read the following:

 La Prensa (this is a Hondruan newspaper) reports today that Manuel Zelaya spent L.1.5 million (US $80,000) in five days on his Honduran government credit card. The government has since cancelled his card as well as that of the former Foreign Minister, Patricia Rodas. The government also canceled the rental of 50 luxury vehicles and 61 mobil phones that have a credit limit of
L.47,500, as well as 100 bank accounts backed by government funds.

Enrique Ortez Collindres, Minister of Foreign Relations, assured reporters that the previous government ordered the sacking of L.40 million from the presidential bank account. A vehicle was parked at the presidential palace presumed to belong to Cesar Ham. Within they found a list of illegal payments for support of the ‘opinion poll.’

On the day that Mel was removed from his duties, black garbage bags stuffed with large amounts of cash were found in each minister’s cabinet and even in their desk drawers.

The auditors and the Fiscalía to date have accounted for L.600 million in ‘petty cash’ expenses for the illegal poll.
During the week, the DNIC and the Attorney General have confiscated documentation and computers as evidence. Checks were issued for L.17 million, 25, 40, and up to L.60 million lempiras which constitute an embezzlement of public funds.

Among the confiscated documents was a listing of payments to journalists during the last 3 1/2 years, showing payments of from L. 2,500 to L. 250,000 per month. Mel left the new government of Honduras with a deficit of L.8 billion (US $423 million). Ralph Flores, subdirector of FOSDEH, said, “This is a historic deficit that we’ve never had in this country.”

Liberal party congressman, Wenceslao Lara, said that it was a true fiesta of corruption for those Liberals in Zelaya’s administration to promote the cuarta urna (fourth ballot box) and the illegal poll.  Manuel Zelaya has been charged with 18 crimes, including abuse of authority and treason, but they are discovering more acts of corruption all the time, like the sacking of government business like Hondutel, ENEE, COPECO, and others.

Additionally, L.260,000 in cash was confiscated in a Choluteca hotel room which had been occupied by Rixi Moncada, former head of La ENEE, the state-run electric company. Speculation was that the money, in L.500 notes was to pay voters. Marcelo Chimirri, the former head of Hondutel, the state-run telephone company, was arrested two days ago for receiving bribes in the Latinode case.  Earlier this week, L.270,000 in cash was found in the President’s office.  This is who Chavez, Obama, Castro, Ortega and seemingly the rest of the world want to put back in power.  Do the American people know this???

I have talked with many people in the armed  forces here.  They are very confused as well.  How, can the US turn its back on  them.  They were just carrying out orders from the government.   Please send reporters here to see the real story, not what CNN is telling the world???
Thank you, my contact information is here.
John DuBose, Missionary and Master Sergeant USAF, Retired